Oxforddictionaries.com defines feral as “In a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.”

Bubbling just beneath the surface of every persona lies a wild side, craving the day it can escape from captivity. Your wild side is what drives you to step outside your everyday life, push your limits, and enrich your life with new experiences. We invite you to leave your domestic life behind, if only for a bit, and join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Feed the wild within you and become a Feral Human.

Feral Human Expeditions is a tour company specializing in unique experiences by bringing small groups to wonders of the world as well as places untouched by tourists before you. At FHE, we aren’t interested in selling you your average vacation. What we sell are experiences that add to the story of your life. Come with us and you won’t just glimpse past the veil of the tourist track, you’ll jump off it and keep going.

Every FHE trip will have at least one guide trained in wilderness emergency medicine, water safety and rescue when appropriate, satellite communications, and any other specialists or equipment necessary to ensure your adventure is as safe and fulfilling as possible. This type of training and preparedness is something you won’t find in the international environments we work in. Every trip will have at least one local from the destination country to serve as an interpreter, cultural expert, and to provide the kind of information and connection to a place that can only be learned from a lifetime of living in it.

From hotel to hammock, Colombia to Cambodia, and paddle to pack; we’ve got you covered. What are you waiting for? Sign up for an expedition today and become a Feral Human!