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explorers club

A Visit to The Explorers Club HQ

As a member of The Explorers Club, Garrett was able to visit HQ in Manhattan for a club BBQ. It was an incredible evening with lots of great company. Every object and every person in the club has an amazing story, well worth hearing. History, experience, and the pure spirit of exploration is overflowing from […]

amazon survival

Amazon Survival and Wilderness Medicine

FHE teamed up with Puro Amazonas to lead our Survival Seminar through the Colombian and Brazilian Amazon.  We covered many topics of survival in the jungle to include Wilderness First Aid, safety, food, use of a machete, raft building, and more.  Upon completion, all participants received certification in Wilderness First Aid from SOLO.  One of […]


Elephants, Gibbons, and Waterfalls

After Cambodia: Kingdom of Water, Garrett went into the SE of Cambodia to Sen Monorom and surrounding areas.  After meeting up with the people at the Elephant Valley Project, Garrett got to spend some time with the elephants. Watching an elephant walk slowly through the jungle and across a creek can solicit an unexpected emotional […]


The second annual Cambodia: Kingdom of Water

Our guided expedition to Cambodia went as well as anything we could have hoped for. We paddled the Mekong, visited floating villages, explored ruins, and learned about Khmer history. And of course, we had an amazing group which made it all the more enjoyable. Balloons in Cambodia As always, our village stay on the banks […]


A Bamboo Raft and a Funeral in NE Cambodia

Garrett and Yok (local fixer/interpreter/friend) went into the far northeast of Cambodia to scout an area for future trips with FHE.  After traveling up the Se San River and one of its many tributaries, the two were invited spend the night at the chief’s house in a small village.  After the ceremonial blessing of a […]


Wilderness First Aid in the Jungle

Garrett is back from the Amazon where he taught a SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course to the guides of A and E Tours at the Tahuayo Lodge in Peru. FHE is working with this lodge as part of our Rio Tahuayo lodge based trip. This lodge has high standards for their guides which is […]


Training Guides of the Amazon in Wilderness Medicine

Garrett is headed back into the Amazon.  On this trip he will be training all the Amazonia Expedition guides in Wilderness First Aid at the Tahuayo Lodge in Peru.  This is the same lodge FHE is working with as part of Rio Tahuayo: A Lodge Based Jungle Experience.  This trip will bring people into an […]


Teaching Expeditionary Studies

Garrett recently finished teaching in upstate New York for the Expeditionary Studies program at Plattsburgh State University. After a few classroom days, Garrett took groups of students into the Adirondacks where he taught Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor Living Skills, and some canoeing skills as they paddled the lakes and rivers of the largest and oldest […]


Learning from the Matis

The Matis performed several dances and ceremonies while Garrett was camped with them. Yesterday he was whipped along with other Matis by a man wearing a red clay mask in a ceremony called marivine. This is to overcome fear of pain which is important to survive in the jungle.