Garrett recently finished teaching in upstate New York for the Expeditionary Studies program at Plattsburgh State University. After a few classroom days, Garrett took groups of students into the Adirondacks where he taught Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor Living Skills, and some canoeing skills as they paddled the lakes and rivers of the largest and oldest state park in the country.

As part of the course, Garrett camped out of his canoe for 15 days, taking a new rotation of students every 4 days. Students stayed out for 8 days at a time, half of which were with Garrett and the other half backpacking and bushwhacking across the Adirondacks. This is an amazing class to both teach and participate in. As always, Garrett enjoyed teaching a great group of students who are training to be leaders in the outdoor industry. It is an honor to teach for a program that is always pushing for higher standards and professionalism in the field.