img_39411833Garrett is back from the Amazon where he taught a SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course to the guides of A and E Tours at the Tahuayo Lodge in Peru. FHE is working with this lodge as part of our Rio Tahuayo lodge based trip. This lodge has high standards for their guides which is why they got this training and why we are excited to work with them.

The class went very well. Normally in North America WFA students are taught to use things from their pack and environment for patient care, and are always encouraged to think outside the box. In the jungle, guides carry significantly less that one might in the mountains so carried materials that can be used for patient care are at a minimum. However, with expert knowledge of the jungle and a machete, students were able to improvise everything they need from the jungle. Basically, Garrett taught the principals of patient care for topics such as splinting, and the students were able to apply their local knowledge to get it done with materials available to them.

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