Top Menu defines feral as “In a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.”
Bubbling just beneath the surface of every persona lies a wild side, craving the day it can escape from captivity. Your wild side is what drives you to step outside your everyday life, push your limits, and enrich your life with new experiences. We invite you to leave your domestic life behind, if only for a bit, and join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Feed the wild within you and become a Feral Human.

Featured Expeditions


Kingdom of Water

Come with us to the wonderful kingdom of Cambodia for a unique and unforgettable experience. Most of your time in Cambodia will be spent paddling the Mighty Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake…


An Amazonian Indigenous Experience

Simply put, this is the most authentic indigenous experience available to you today. The Matis are masters in the jungle, still implementing the skills, beliefs...

Expedition Updates


The second annual Cambodia: Kingdom of Water

Our guided expedition to Cambodia went as well as anything we could have hoped for. We paddled the Mekong, visited floating villages, explored ruins, and learned about Khmer history. And of course, we had an amazing group which made it all the more enjoyable. Balloons in Cambodia As always, our village stay on the banks […]


A Bamboo Raft and a Funeral in NE Cambodia

Garrett and Yok (local fixer/interpreter/friend) went into the far northeast of Cambodia to scout an area for future trips with FHE.  After traveling up the Se San River and one of its many tributaries, the two were invited spend the night at the chief’s house in a small village.  After the ceremonial blessing of a […]


Wilderness First Aid in the Jungle

Garrett is back from the Amazon where he taught a SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course to the guides of A and E Tours at the Tahuayo Lodge in Peru. FHE is working with this lodge as part of our Rio Tahuayo lodge based trip. This lodge has high standards for their guides which is […]